Pokemon Go Seviye Seviye Hediye Rehberi

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  1. (chanting voice): Da-ri-us! Da-ri-us! Da-ri-us!Or do you prefer cheerleaders?Darius, Darius, he’s our man, if Darius can’t do it, nobody can!But truly, all of them would make excellent main characters. … but please choose Darius!–from asakiyume on Livejournal (today the validation isn’t working…)

  2. Kalyn dedi ki:

    This is an example of the paradox (if thats the rightword) of hiring a greatresearcher to an admin position. External searchesfor chairman are like that— you hire a breriiantllsearcher to do admin stuff.Of course, when they finish up their chairmanship they are in your dept so you want someonegood, but its still oddto use one criteria forhiring and a different one for the job.

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